Mohammad Ebrahimi began his musical journey during high school from 1968-1974 in pre-revolution Iran where he began the rigorous apprenticeship in traditional or classical Persian music.

After several years of training under some of the best masters of Persian music, he took the tests for becoming an actual instructor, coming in first and second place in several categories of instruction.

Shortly after this accomplishment, he was recruited by Iran's ministry of art and culture under the department of folklore, chartered to promote Persian classical music across Iran. As a result he travelled to many interesting places inside Iran and learned even more from the local ethnic and cultural muscial styles specific to each region.

Mohammad came to the US in 1984, and with the partnership of his younger brother Mehran, began to perform at local weddings, engagement parties and traditional Persian functions, bringing smiles and heart warming memories to all in attendance.

Today the Ebrahimi brothers are often sought for traditional Persian events, as well as performing in international folk music events. They also provide expert instruction for those interested in learning to play the traditional Persian instruments of Santur, Tonbak, Flute, Daf, Sorna, and Dohol.

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